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Health and Safety Management

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Health and Safety Management

Managers, supervisors and safety professionals who wish to improve their skills and competencies in order to be able to deliver their safety responsibilities and effectively carry out their tasks safely in their organization, should do this course.

During the length of the course, we make the student competently responsible for safety measures to be taken while handling any projects and jobs, with the aid of the modules covered.

Definitions and overview
  • Why the concerns for safety?
  • Various definitions of accident, safety, health
  • World Health Organization (WHO) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Reaching threshold limit values
  • The 6 E’s in safety
Industrial hygiene
  • Recognition, evaluation, control
  • Types of hazards in the workplace
  • The four categories of hazards
  • Control methods used in a safe environment
  • Accident costs and reporting
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and safety audit
  • Objectives of JSA
  • JSA uses
  • Benefits of JSA
  • Procedures to follow for an effective JSA
  • How to keep accurate recordings
  • Importance of an audit
  • Safety audit tools
  • Benefits of a safety audit
  • Consequences after the audit
Accidents investigation, reporting and prevention
  • Accidents and injuries at work
  • Identifying causes of accidents
  • Contributing causes of accidents
  • Immediate causes of accidents
  • Effects and costs of accidents
  • Reporting requirements
Management of health and safety
  • Planning and setting objectives
  • Organizing to ensure accomplishment
  • Leading to inspire action
  • Controlling performance
  • Concerns for management: safe & sound
Proper behavior in case of an accident
  • Types of work related accidents
  • First aid basics and their needs
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in an emergency
  • Calling for help when you need it
Ergonomics and good posture
  • Bad work habits and their effects
  • Negative effects of bad ergonomics
  • Correction of bad habits


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