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Energy Management

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Energy Management

This course is design for energy professionals including production, maintenance, safety, environment and quality department engineers and section heads.

During the length of the course, we cover all the modules in practical and theoretical terms.

Module 1:
  • The Need for Energy Management
  • Conduction An Energy Audit Reports & Energy Audit Instrumentation
  • Energy Code Standard
Module 2:
  • Energy Purchasing Accounting & benchmark
  • Energy & Electricity Rate Structures
  • Electrical System & Electric Energy Management
  • Economic Analysis & Life Cycle Coasting
Module 3:
  • Lighting Basics & Lighting System Improvements
  • Electric Monitor & Industrial System
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Boilers & Thermal System Improvement
Module 4:
  • Waste Heat Co-Generation CHP System
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Maintenance Program & Building Commission
  • Building Automation & Control system
Module 5:
  • M&V & Alternative Financing
  • Green Building & LEED
  • Units & Conversation
  • Charts, Table & List of Acronyms


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