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Autocad Training – 2D/3D

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Autocad Training Courses in Dubai - Autocad Training in Dubai, UAE

Autocad Training 2D/ 3D

Autocad is designing and drawing software widely used by engineers and architects besides designers. Learning this software can help you in taking a constructive step forward in your career. As your institute of Autocad Training in Dubai, we make sure to design our course in such a manner that helps you with easy and in-depth learning.

Importance of Autocad Training

The training is designed with the help of the industry leaders who make use of this software on a regular basis. This is a helpful tool for both the students and the professionals alike. When you opt for our Autocad Training in Dubai, you are taught every aspect of the software to make sure that you ace it like a pro. Our designed course lets you get a grip over the theory part and then into practical use.

Learning and other details

Besides learning about 2D drawings you will also be capable of detailing after completion of the project. Furthermore, it has a lot of exercises that help in ensuring your fluency. However, to learn this software you need to make sure to have basic knowledge of computer and its operation. This is a skill that will illuminate your resume and help you to stand apart from the competitors. During the length of the Autocad training courses in Dubai, we not only impart digital and technical knowledge but also help the student with on the job know-how and tips and tricks.

Our Autocad Training in Dubai course is designed in such way that creates a perfect balance between the theory and practical implication. The first thing you will learn is the basics and they will include getting acquainted with the different tools using which you can create diagrams and drawings. It has high demand in the market thus we have designed the course in a way that makes you an expert. Besides the basics, you will also learn many technical tips from the active users of the software. Also, you will be given mock tests to refine your skill.

  • Drawing commands
  • Edit commands
  • Autocad template files
  • Using snaps in AutoCAD
  • Linetypes and linetype scale
  • Autocad file formats
  • Autocad’s inquiry tools
  • Xref’s (external references)
  • System variables
  • Modifying and creating dimensions


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