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Adobe InDesign

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Adobe InDesign

People who are associated with extensive e-books and documents and are required to make subtle manipulation, or split the work amongst the team members Adobe in design comes into picture. This course is recommended to individuals already working in designing and developing field. It will be an upgrade to their existing profile.

This course is the next step after acquiring the knowledge about adobe Illustrator .During this particular length of the course unlike adobe illustrator we not only teach the precision of brush or stokes but also focus on the digital aspect of adobe in design, because we understand the importance of it. The excellent  options and tools which make the digital appearance of the text much more lucrative like use of hyperlinks, anchors and metadata to name a few  are covered during this course.

  • Working with styles
  • Working with graphics
  • Setting Up a Document and Working with Pages
  • Creating and saving custom document settings
  • Working with Objects
  • Flowing Text in various columns
  • Working with Color
  • Working with Transparency
  • Printing and Exporting
  • Creating Adobe PDF Files
  • Exporting an ebook


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