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The genesis of Knowledge Point Institute can be traced back to 1995 when the digital world was literally being taken by storm through unleashing of the potential of computers

Computer Applications

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Microsoft Office Package

This is an essential training that surely comes in handy in modern-day offices. Learn and grow

ICDL Test Preparation

This training is specially designed for organizations that want to develop the quality of their workforce with proper computer knowledge. Others can opt for it too.

Computer Hardware

This is an essential training that surely comes handy in modern-day offices. Learn and grow.

Computer Networking

Why should you learn it? In this age of computers and internet, it can provide you with lucrative career option.

Adobe Photoshop

Turn your skill of art into a suitable profession with help of Adobe Photoshop training.

Adobe Illustrator

When creativity meets proper skills then the result is amazing. You have the talent and we provide the training to create something better.

Adobe InDesign

This desktop publishing software is widely used for creating different creative contents. To be an expert, join our course.

Adobe Flash

Proper knowledge of this software can add on to your career by showcasing your skills. Join us to get proper training.

Adobe Premier

To turn raw footage into flawless videos, this is essential software that you need to learn. We have a detailed course designed for you.

Adobe after Effects

This software is used for adding digital visual effects and motion graphics. Learning it can help you in establishing a strong career.

Sound Forge

There is high demand for audio editors in the present era. Learning this software will open up a new path of success.

Corel DRAW

This is a vector graphics editing software that is widely used in the field of digital designing. With our detailed course, you can learn it in a deep manner.


Designing, coding, and publishing are multi-skill that helps you in staying ahead in the world of competition. Want to be a pro in the same? Join us.

HTML, DHTML & Javascript

With the world going online, the demands for coders are increasing with each passing day. Pick one course or all to get an established career.


Use of Smartphone is increasing with each passing day. Undoubtedly, that also requires those who are skilled in creating mobile friend websites. You can be the one with proper training.

Auto Cad 2D/3D

Do you want to join the field of architecture? Are you a professional who wants to give your career the right boost? Then, this is the perfect skill for you to learn.

3D Studio Max

Learning this software helps you in 3D modeling, rendering, visualization, and animation. There is a high demand for the skilled professionals.


Architectural designing the assistance of special software and this is one of the same. It supports a multidiscipline designing process. Being a pro in the same can help with career advancement.


This is a computer programming especially used for structural analysis and design. There is high demand for people who are expert in the same.


There is a huge demand for the properly trained professionals who can use this software expertly. It is a powerful image rendering software used in distinctive fields.


This enterprise project management software plays an essential role in running of business smoothly. In this, you will learn about project management, control capabilities, and many more aspects.

MS Project

This project management software is an essential part of a modern-day organizational setup. Want to learn the same? Join us


This software helps in modeling, documentation, and visualization. Understanding and acing it will help you in establishing a stable career.


This is a certificate course recognized all across the world. With a stable salary and bright future opportunities, it is a must-learn for you.


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