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The genesis of Knowledge Point Institute can be traced back to 1995 when the digital world was literally being taken by storm through unleashing of the potential of computers

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Computer Applications

In this modern digital world, learning computer properly is no more just a need but undeniable necessity.

Graphic Designing

Have a flair for creating designs? Turn that into a profession with proper training in graphics designing. Let’s show you how creating designs.

Web Designing

The Internet is a new marketplace that gives rise to the need for purposeful websites. Learn this course today to have a better future tomorrow.

Video Editing

The Video Editing takes spontaneous creativity mixed with keen observation power. We train you to balance both in the right manner.

Interior Design Training

Home décor is not about designing a house but capturing the essence of the personality of the inmates.

Web & Graphic Designing

Digital designing requires two things - creativity and proper tech knowledge. If you have the former, we train you in the latter.

Civil, Electrical, Structural Designing

Our professional team trains you to develop the skills and learn the technicality to design purposeful structures.

Architectural Designing

Learn the software that helps you in curating designs that provide clarity about the entire structure that you will create.

Digital Marketing Training

Our digital marketing training is designed and divided in a way that helps you in learning according to your necessity.

Certificate in Computer Application

In the professional world, you always need to showcase the evidence of your skill.

Accounting Applications

There is an array of Software used for the purpose of accounting. We train you to be industry ready.

Computer Programming

Why learn computer programming? It's because rightly developed skills can create a stable and profitable future for you.


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