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Financial Modeling with Advance Excel

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Financial Modeling with Advance Excel

Advanced Modeling in Excel especially designed for hard core Excel Users. Please Note: All participants are expected to have a good knowledge of basic excel like –Data Analysis using Excel, Conditional and Advanced formatting of data, Understanding basic Macros, Creating a Dashboard in excel.

This program is primarily intended for people whose job involve analysis of data especially numbers on daily basis using spreadsheet packages like Excel. In this workshop the participants learn the advanced features present in Excel that helps in automating a model (both with and without the use of macros). They will get an experience in building a project finance model and advanced model to forecast the financial statements of a company and then do its valuation. The participants will not be provided any built-in template in the program and will have to build both the models from scratch.

  • Developing the raw format for a model
  • Managing different units of measurement (thousands, millions, billions) dynamically
  • Estimating Capex
  • Computing EBITDA, and net income
  • Preparing cash flow statement and balance sheet
  • Estimating NPV, IRR, Payback period, and discounted payback period
  • Performing sensitivity analysis
  • Balancing the Balance Sheet
  • Managing Circularity in the Model with circuit-breaker & with Macros
  • Estimating cost of capital, cost of debt and cost of equity for the company
  • Estimation of cash flow (NOPAT, EVA, Capital Cash flow, Value drivers)
  • Determining the enterprise value
  • Discounting cash flows & Determining the terminal value
  • Performing Sensitivity Analysis on the Model
  • Building customized sensitivity analysis


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