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MS Office Basic and Advanced

  /  MS Office Basic and Advanced

MS Office Basic and Advanced

3d studio max is a very popular software program known and used by developers, animators and visual effects developers. It is used to create 3D digital models, to generate images from them and to animate them, so to produce movies and video games.

Did you know there are more than 1 billion users of Microsoft Office? You didn’t, right? Don’t you want to be growing with the world?

To cope and grow with the world using the technology, you should know how to use MS Office. Get enrolled today at the best training institute in Dubai.

Why is it important in today’s world to know MS Office:

  • Highest acceptability: Majority of the business today uses one or more than one product of MS Office. For anyone to succeed in their careers they have to know the complete knowledge of all the products of this software. It is being used everywhere in the world so, you don’t need to worry about the acceptability of knowledge about this software.
  • Access anywhere: There are some added benefits for using this technology. As the advancement of technology in everyday life, no one wants to just access their data from one location. To increase the convenience of the user a feature called as Office 365 has been introduced. This feature allows a user to use all the documents related to MS Office anywhere at their convenience using different devices.
  • Easy to use with online help: The evolvement of the MS Office has led the software to become extremely user-friendly. Because of this nature, it is widely used and Microsoft provides online help regarding any software to improve the overall experience of the user. We have specially designed this course to reap these benefits.
  • Security and tutorials: Whenever you are learning something and not implementing what you have learned, you tend to forget. There are online tutorials available for this software to help people all around the world. As the cyber attacks are increasing, the safety and security of the documents are important. The Microsoft community keeps on working towards the security of the documents so that the user can relax.

The courses with Knowledge Point, the best institute in Dubai is divided into three parts:

  • Beginner: For people who have no idea how to use this software and start learning from the basics.
  • Intermediate: For people who have a basic to the moderate knowledge of the software.
  • Advanced: For people who want to expertise the software for career advancement.

We cover Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and Access with more fun and practical learning. Get yourself enrolled now.  


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