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Medical Coding Training

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Medical Coding Training in Dubai

Our Medical Coding Training is designed to prepare the student for employment in a variety of healthcare settings an entry-level coder, medical record coder, coding technician, or coding clerk, or medical coder/biller (Medical Records and Health Information Technician).

Medical coding is the profession of designating medical equipments, diagnoses, procedures with codes. Medical coders in Dubai make sure that they provide correct code for later billing process. This process inclues gathering the information and creating a claim to be paid by insurance companies.


Knowledge Point in Dubai offers this course. We help the students prepare and pass the American Academy of Professional Coders also know as AAPC to become a certified coder.


Earning a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree can strengthen a medical coder’s resume. It’s not needed to show the level of qualification. But it is necessary to have a solid foundation of knowledge. It can be showcased by earning the CPC® credential. Doing so it will help you designate yourself as a CPC®. Employers know CPCs® are individuals who can perform medical coding tasks with excellence.

How you know you are the right person for this medical coding course?
  • Analytical Power: This is not a super power but the most important ability you should possess for being a good medical coder. You should be able to analyze lengthy data with accuracy.
  • Strong Ethics: Sometimes coders need to have extremely strong moral. They need to be ethical, fair and honest. On legal terms, they should have all medical details and histories of the patients.
  • Good Soft Skills: Communication is the key in any profession. All the professions need different level of communication.
  • Techno savvy: People who are huge fans of technology are the right people for this job.

The health authority of UAE (HAAD) has given clear guidelines for Medical coders working in Dubai hospitals. The HAAD guidelines states that Medical Coders working in Dubai should have certification to work as Medical Coders.   The average medical coder across all AAPC membership (certified and non-certified) earns approximately $52,411 per year. The average person with no certification earns approximately $45,035 per year. Professionals with one certification earn approximately $51,477. A difference of nearly 15 percent in all the three slabs.

  • Knowledge Point Institute has 23 years of Training experience
  • KHDA Accredited
  • Certificate of attendance attested and approved by KHDA
  • Extended practice exams
  • Latest and Updated Books
  • Additional study materials
  • Weekend batches
  • Classes taken by Instructor who have been certified professional coder with huge experience

Become a CPC now with Knowledge Point Institute. Pass your AAPC-CPC exam in the first attempt with us.

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