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    GRE Training in Dubai

    Join the leading institute in Dubai for GRE exam preparation



    Are you looking for Gre exam preparation classes in Dubai?  You have reached the right place! The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test that is required to get admission in many graduate schools for MS/Ph.D Courses. Also,  GRE is a computer-based exam that measures the students’

    • Verbal reasoning,
    • Quantitative reasoning,
    • Critical thinking and
    • Analytical skills.

    GRE is conducted throughout the year – month on month with specified days and times.

    Exam Model: Gre exam preparation

    The GRE Exam consists of six sections in the computer-based test.

    • Section One includes Analytical writing
    • The second and third section includes Verbal Reasoning
    • Section four and five include Quantitative reasoning
    • Optional Section experimental (Either Verbal or Quantitative) sections.

    Analytical writing (2 sections):

    In the analytical reading assessment section, students are given short argumentative and issue-based graphs, paragraphs. Therefore, candidates are requested to analyze it and mention the shortcoming as in an essay.

    Verbal reasoning (2 sections):

    This section comprises reading comprehension, text completion and sentence equivalence to test the students command of the English language.

    Quantitative reasoning (2 sections):

    The quantitative reasoning section is a math test that tests the problem-solving ability of the students with 40 questions in quantitative methods. It covers Algebra, Arithmetic, Data analysis and Geometry related questions.

    • The final section is an Unscored or Research Section which varies with each year.


    Exam Duration:


    • Analytical Writing: Have two separately timed sections called “Analyze an Issue” and  “Analyze an Argument” with 30 minutes given for each section.
    • Verbal reasoning: Has two sections with 20 questions per section with a 30 minutes time limit.
    • Quantitative Reasoning: Has two sections with 20 questions per section and 35 minutes given per section.
    • Also, the final section is an Unscored or Research or Experimental section which varies from test to test.

    In addition, The total duration of the GRE exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

    Why choose us for Gre exam preparation classes in Dubai?

    Knowledge Point is one of the leading institutes in Dubai for students to prepare for the Exam Preparation Courses. If you ask as to why you should choose us, then here are the reasons listed out for you. At Knowledge Point, we offer GRE prep courses both online and offline and have student-centred training in each batch to concentrate on the techniques and tips.

    We also offer customized GRE exam preparation courses based on the students’ requirements.

    1. We offer customized resources and materials to grasp the strategies and techniques easily.
    2. Experienced GRE Trainer for Verbal and Quantitative.
    3. Mock Exams to practice.
    4. Online Recordings of the class.
    5. Experienced Instructors to teach strategies and techniques.
    6. More Diagnostic Tests
    7. A flexible schedule as per student’s time availability.
    8. Online classes as well as classroom modes of training.
    9. We assist in booking the GRE exams.


    Course details – GRE exam preparation

    • Total duration: 43 hours (28 hours Instruction + 12 hours Testing)
    • Number of Classes: 14 Classes (7 classes of Verbal, 7 classes of Quant )
    • Class Duration: 2 hours
    • Mock Exams: 4 Practice Tests.


    Available Training Options

    GRE Group Training

    1. Minimum of 6-8 Students
    2. 35 hours of training
    3. Customized study materials
    4. Access to online classes


    GRE Small group Course

    1. Minimum of 3-5 Students
    2. 24 hours of training
    3. Customized study materials
    4. Access to online classes

    GRE Private (one-on-one) Training

    1. 20 hours of training
    2. Customized study materials
    3. Access to online classes
    4. Mock Exams


    Frequently Asked Questions: Gre Exam preparation

    Who should do the GRE Preparation and what is the validity of the GRE Score?KPI | Gre exam preparation classes in dubai| gmat exam | emsat exam | act| sat

    Generally, students who are willing to pursue their Masters in Business, MBA, Law or students willing to take a Doctoral Degree can prepare for the GRE test. Students after the completion of the undergraduate graduation course can take up the GRE course. Moreover, the GRE score will be valid for 5 years after the student has taken up the exam.  

    What is the passing score in GRE to get MS/PhD admission?

    In the quantitative and verbal reasoning section, the minimum mark is 130 and the maximum mark is 170. In addition, for the Analytical Writing section, the score ranges between 0-6 score in GRE. But to get admission in the MS course, the score secured by the students should be between 155 to 167 out of 170.

    How does the KPI training centre help me to score high in my GRE Score?

    Knowledge Point Institute generally helps students to set goals and to measure the lessons they have completed. Also, while preparing for the GRE, setting goals and tracking the progress will give the students an overview of how they are performing every day.  Moreover, we help our students in saving time and increase efficiency. Also, students can simplify complex tasks and work on them easily. Thus it helps in an organised tracking system, and in the end, it will help the students to secure more marks.


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