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GMAT Preparation in Dubai

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    GMAT exam preparation centre in Dubai, UAE

    What is GMAT?  

    The Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer adaptive test. The GMAT test is conducted to assess the students analytical, problem-solving, logical and critical reasoning skills. In addition, the GMAT exam consists of a course section that includes analytical writing, integral reasoning, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning. Moreover, the quantitative and verbal sections are both multiple-choice questions sections in the GMAT exam.

    Gmat exam dates

    The GMAT Exam is conducted every month with specific dates. However, students should book their exams at least one month before to reserve their seats. is the official website to register for the exam and it will cost $ 250 for a single sitting. At Knowledge Point, we offer the best training for GMAT exam preparation, with structured syllabus and training methods.

    Exam Model  

    The GMAT consists of  four  sections which include,

    Analytical writing assessment: 

    In the analytical reading assessment section, students will be given a short paragraph of an argument and then they are requested to analyze it. Also, they have to mention the shortcomings in that essay.

    Integral reasoning: 

    In this section, the students will be asked to synthesize lots of data to solve the given problems. The questions would include graphs, word problems and charts.

    Quantitative reasoning:

    The quantitative reasoning section is a math section that also tests the reasonability of the students. In addition, it covers problem-solving and data sufficiency questions.

    Verbal reasoning: 

    This section comprises reading comprehension, sentence correction and also critical reasoning to test the students command over the English language.

    Exam duration:  

    • Analytical Writing Assessment: 30 minutes with 1 question
    • Integrated Reasoning: 30 minutes with 12 questions
    • Quantitative Reasoning: 62 minutes with 31 questions
    • Verbal Reasoning: 65 minutes with 36 questions

    The total duration of the GMAT exam is 3 hours and 7 minutes.

    Why choose us GMAT exam preparation in Dubai?  

    Knowledge Point is one of the leading institutes in Dubai for students to prepare for the Exam Preparation Courses. If you ask as to why you should choose us, then here are the reasons listed out for you. At Knowledge Point, we offer GMAT prep courses both online and offline and have student-centered training in each batch to concentrate on the techniques and tips.

    Course details

    • Total duration: 44 hours (28 hrs Instruction + 16 hrs Testing)
    • Number of Classes: 14 Classes (7 classes of Verbal, 7 classes of Quant )
    • Class Duration: 2 hours
    • Mock Exams:4 Practice tests ( each exam consists of  hours)

    Available Training Options

    GMAT Group Training

    1. Minimum of 6-8 Students
    2. 44 hours of training
    3. Customized study materials
    4. Access to online classes

    GMAT Small Group Course

    • Minimum of 3-5 Students
    • 24 hours of training
    • Customized study materials
    • Access to online classes

    GMAT Private (one-on-one) Training

    1. 20 hours of training
    2. Customized study materials
    3. Access to online classes
    4. Mock Exams

    Frequently Asked Questions


    KPI | Gmat exam preparation

    Why do students need a GMAT Preparation Course?

    The GMAT exam helps you stand out during the acceptance process. It is the most widely used and trusted indicator of academic success in MBA and other graduate business degree programs. In fact, 90% of MBA admission decisions are made using a GMAT score today as it’s seen as one of the best predictors of future success in your field. While preparing for the GMAT course the students have to spend a lot of time looking for free courses online that can teach them about the courses and the subjects.

    Will GMAT exam preparation help to get a good score?

    Enrolling in a GMAT exam preparation course will help them with all the necessary details and a teacher will be there to guide them throughout the process. They will guide and discuss the exam pattern, questions paper, the exam strategies and clear all the doubts. So if a student is looking forward to cracking the GMAT exam they should invest in a good GMAT course.  

    Who can prepare for the GMAT exam and till when the exam score would be valid?

    The students who are willing to get admission into an MBA program should prepare for the GMAT exam. Also, the GMAT scores secured by the students remaining will be valid for 5 years after the completion of the exam.

    What is the Average score to get admission into a B-school?

    In GMAT, there is no such thing as a passing score. However, colleges and universities will have a minimum qualifying GMAT score that they will take into account during the admission process. A GMAT score between 650 to 670 out of 800 is considered good. If a student has secured more than 700/800 have the benefits of choosing the college they want to study in.

    Does the KPI preparation help students to secure good marks in GMAT exams?

    Knowledge Point Institute helps students to set goals and measure their scores. By looking at the progress they’ve made, students can figure out how to improve and gauge where they need to focus more of their time and energy. The organization and tracking system enables them to be more efficient with their time and keep track of different assignments they have coming up.

    Why we are the best choice for GMAT exam preparation courses in Dubai?

    This easy system greatly benefits the students by giving them an overview of what is expected of them so they won’t feel overwhelmed. With careful tracking, every student at Knowledge Point Institute will be able to secure more marks on their overall grades! Therefore, we are undeniably one of the best choices for GMAT exam preparation in Dubai.


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