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The genesis of Knowledge Point Institute can be traced back to 1995 when the digital world was literally being taken by storm through unleashing of the potential of computers

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English Language Training

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English Language Training

Spoken English Classes are flexible and tailor made according to your need and requirements and it can be classified into 4 stages and stretched or compacted according to the need of the pupil and his job, professional or personal requirement.

Do you know what happens in every two hours? No? A new word is added to the dictionary. Don’t you think you should be updated regularly? To help you solve this problem we came up with the English grammar classes in Dubai. Here you learn not only the basics of grammar but also get to improve your vocabulary and an overall understanding of the language.

The best English grammar institutes in Dubai may promise you results but won’t be able to deliver them to you. We believe in getting results. But we never prioritize them over the development of any of our students. This belief makes us follow every student’s heart and touch them in a different way. We believe that every child is special in its own way. Not every child can be the same. Every student has different needs. To solve this issue from the roots we customize our services. We are the best English grammar classes in Dubai because we divide our course into 3 distinct levels. Each level having different level of skill development, different duration and its own importance. These levels are:

Basic: This course covers pronouns, verbs, tenses, and other things that help you get the basics of the language. This course majorly helps people develop the use of fluent English on a daily basis.

Advance: This course covers gerunds, modals, adverbs and other things to make every student in this course competent enough to look for serious jobs in management level.

Business communication: This course cover from manners and etiquettes to reading and writing of the person involved. This course is majorly for people looking to work in the corporate sector.

Today the world has evolved so much that if you do not have proper qualification in the corporate world you will be left behind. Make yourself industry ready with best English grammar institute in Dubai and stay ahead of others.

These courses are most beneficial for those looking for entry-level jobs to mid-level jobs. Housewives, contractors and other prefer these courses because this gives them the needed boost the confidence required to get the job and succeed in life.

You might be wondering how to get enrolled? Which course to choose from? First everyone interested needs to register themselves with Knowledge Point, the best institute in Dubai. After the registration process, we take a pre-assessment test. This test helps us divide you into three groups. Don’t worry depending upon your knowledge you’ll be placed in those courses.  What are you looking down for? Get enrolled today and open the gates of the corporate world for yourselves.


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