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CELPIP Training in Dubai

Are you aiming for a good college or job in Canada? Then you should be planning to give CELPIP certification course in Dubai. CELPIP is Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program which basically assesses the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. This test has been administered by Paragon Testing Enterprise. It is a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia.

This fact won’t shock you that there are just 33 testing centers across Canada. Canada a land of opportunity and has a long way to go. If you wish to be a part of this growth journey then, don’t wait to get enrolled in the best CELPIP training institute in Dubai. If you are planning to apply for citizenship or permanent residency in Canada then this your golden ticket. You get your results posted within 3 business days after taking the exam. The pros of taking this exam are:

  • Multiple attempts available: It is a test comparatively easily compared to other English language tests. Due to some unforeseeable reasons you miss or not qualify for the exam then you don’t need to worry about it. There are more than one chances given to everyone. At different date, time, and location you can attempt the exam again.  
  • Canadian based test: This test is majorly accepted for either Canadian citizenship or permanent residency application. So if you’re planning to shift to Canada for better opportunities. Then this is your opportunity for better chances in Canada.
  • Completely computerized test: It is a completely computerized test. No more worries about scrambling the paper or tidiness of the sheet. Welcome to the hassle-free world for examination.
  • No face to face direct contact: Some people have a tendency to get nervous or have anxiety because of which they are unable to perform. To reduce the risk of you underperforming there is no face to face direct contact in the exam.
  • Exam completes in a day: This examination completes in a day. You complete the examination in a day. No more stressing over days for giving different section exams. Complete the exam in a day and prepare for the next one.

What makes us more than competent to help you clear CELPIP certification course in Dubai:

  •     Practice on computer
  •     Confidence building while speaking
  •     Experienced faculty to teach you in a practical manner

We do not just focus on completing the course but making our students clear the examination with flying colors.

Don’t give up the opportunity and get your seats reserved at the best CELPIP training institute in Dubai.


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