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The genesis of Knowledge Point Institute can be traced back to 1995 when the digital world was literally being taken by storm through unleashing of the potential of computers

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3D Studio Max

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3D Studio Max

3d studio max is a very popular software program known and used by developers, animators and visual effects developers. It is used to create 3D digital models, to generate images from them and to animate them, so to produce movies and video games.

Ever wondered how animated media content is made? Are you curious to know how highly graphical and animated games are made? The answer to such a complicated thing is very simple. These are created on a software ‘3D studio max’.


It is one of the oldest and widely used software till date in the industry. Aren’t you eager to know what 3D Studio Max is all about? It is a professional computer graphics program to create 3D animation videos, images, and games.

This software is majorly used by developers, animators, and visual effects developers. In fact, developers use this software to animate content to produce movies and video games.


Why enroll yourself in 3D Studio Max course in Dubai’s premiere institute? Our society is moving towards achieving more and more sophistication. Gone are the days where media content was produced and people had to like it. Future ideology is about the involvement of the public. The more engaging the content will be, the more response you will be getting.


Hence, to connect with the audience you need to take 3D Studio Max training in Dubai at the Knowledge Point.

Before enrolling yourself in this course you have the right to know what we provide:

  • Technical knowledge: Half knowledge or no knowledge can be hazardous for an individual. When working in a creative field, you have to be completely aware of new updates and technologies being used. Knowledge Point provides the best in class theoretical knowledge to all the students. All the students enrolling with Knowledge Point are given training about the basics as well as the advanced use of this software. From basic modeling to advanced rendering is taught in the course. This is the complete course for people planning to join the animation industry.
  • Experienced faculty: Knowledge Point has more than 23 years of experience in the teaching industry. In this course, teaching faculty has a huge role in the development of an individual. They have hands-on industry experience as well as teaching experience. This sums up in the making of the best animators of this decade. No other institute can match their expertise in this field.
  • Industry readiness: We believe that students need to have increased practical based learning than only theoretical classroom learning. So, we have taken an initiative to involve practical learning for the students. This does not only give students the best understanding of the software but also gives them a head start in the job seeking process.

If you think you are as creative and as passionate about animation and you envision yourself working in this field then enroll yourself today itself. Earlier the better.


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